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    My own suggestion Empty My own suggestion

    Post  JeanZ on Wed Jun 24, 2009 3:54 am

    Server is in a horrible situation people -_-. U are trying 2 balance classes by closing Glacier Armageddon and adding gem npc for a stupid price of 15k rep+ signets for 1 single gem. top/pko was unbalanced from the start U can't balance something what was made 2 be unbalanced as same as U can't make fishes 2 breath on land.U can't do anything 2 balance classes anyway.
    In my opinion this is what U can do:
    1.Open GA
    It's a private server,what U want from your players? 2 work hard or have fun?
    2.double normal drop rate and double exp in weekend starting from Friday 0.00a.m. till sunday 11.59p.m.
    3.add all azreal or azrael(top confused me badly)gems instead of U gem npc in argent
    4.eliminate the need of signets for every single damn exchange
    5. all azrael/azreal gems can be sold with 30k rep and 50 sigs only glare with 60k rep and 100 sigs.
    6.rebirth NPC shud be nice...but I'm not that sure about this
    for 1st rebirth shud be: 1x Enigma+Demon World+Dark Swamp chests
    for 2nd rebirth shud be: 1x eye/hearth/soul of bd
    well...Idk about this idea but in my opinion it's oke...think at this is a private server... if I wanna play on a server like Cursed lands..I better go official
    7.What about Argent Mirrage with winter mobs?
    Add it or not...Portal should be near Thundoria harbor and not in ca at 100.100
    8.Unique gem voucher should be sold with azrael's gems ok ok I decided it's azrael not azreal...
    9.U just close server when U want....don't U better choose 2-3 hours a week not in weekends...or when U have all the time for server so U can solve all of the problems so players will know.
    10.Resets:Nothing is ok if there is no reset...before a reset..discuss on forum about this u just close server for sum days and when u back puff!U have 2 start from 0...U can make b4 it a topic on forum when U tell players why,when and how much it will take.
    Those R only my ideas....don't agree with any of em if U dun want... but than don't await for me and those others who quit to come back... And u want from us hard work it seems but why hard work? U can't promise us that U will never reset server anymore or U will never close server...official servers for hard work private server for fun no?

    Posts : 28
    Join date : 2009-05-18
    Age : 26
    Location : Romania,Saint George

    My own suggestion Empty Re: My own suggestion

    Post  JeanZ on Thu Jun 25, 2009 12:48 pm

    and also some problems:
    It Says:this site is best viewed on internet explorer
    Using Internet explorer I can't log in on site/forums
    Using Mozilla Firefox I can't press on forum so I had 2 block all the images from site
    By blocking images I can't see if server online or not.
    I can't comment 2 any of news and other posted on the site...
    And I guess it's on only my problem because there are no comments!
    And why we don't have sm Mini-Rank? Sm not a class or what?
    That's all

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