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    How sweet... Empty How sweet...

    Post  JeanZ on Sun Jun 07, 2009 2:27 pm

    After I got bored of playing on MiniBish I decided that I will make again JeanZ...by following the instruction I pressed switch character than I pressed on create...as usual I clicked on Click here to start your Journey and I pressed on that young pretty skinny boy...After I clicked on it it asked me 2 put a name...Of course I decided that I will make a char Called JeanZ...than when it asked me 2 select a city it wrote in a little window:Duplicate Character Name.
    Wasn't it sweet 2 read what I did? isn't it funny that a noob copyed my name?Isn't it interesting than noobs always have 2 copy? Isn't life Funny?Does It Happened only to me?Was it my fault bcoz I didn't made a char called JeanZ from the start?well I dun have answers for those question but I wanted 2 share my problem with others

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