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    Post  xXShadowXx on Fri May 15, 2009 9:18 am

    Kk i have played top 2years now or more and hears that i use to do
    First. step 1 Build
    Depends on that build u want to have zerk build or slasher build that is 210 attk speed.
    Slasher build. first
    Skills: before u buy skills i would prefer u 2 buy a fork and fuse it to ur sword and max sword mastery and leave dual sword mastery at lvl 2 o.o so here is how it is
    from lvl
    10-11=concentration at lvl 2
    11-21=max sword mastery
    21-31=max illusion slash
    32-37=Berserk lvl 5
    save the rest of the skill pts
    Now to Crus skills
    Lvl 41 u should have 4-5 skill pts then to disponate why lvl 41 cuz if u have mentor u get 200k
    First 2 skill pts use on dual sword mastery
    The Third that u have left use on blood frenzy
    from lvl 41-48 max blood frenzy
    48-58=max shadow slash
    after lvl 60 i think u get 2 skill pts i am not sure about this XD it always fall out of my head. 58-61 deftness lvl 3 after lvl 3 deftness add lvl 1 stealth 62-67 continu on deftness to u max it 67-77 concentration (PS i dont know how many skill pts u get each lvl after 60:P but just use this guild and if u maxed the skills then max dual sword mastery and u can fuse fork to a another appareal but if u like it u could begin on other skills like break armor pretty usefull skill sometimes but just after u maxed the neeeded skills)
    that was skill set...
    Now stat
    stat will depend alot on ur eq and i dont know that eq is in this serv i maked this guild then the patch/client downloading XD
    but i would first preffer to get 210 attk speed with 25-40 base agi if this serv have azreal dance that adds +8 agi and gem of wind that i am sure it has it is no problem to reach that stat and have 210 and also dont lose eq Cool and skilsl that bust ur agi alot.
    i would preffer to reach 25-40 agi first and then just add ur str to max depends cuz if u new a str crus i hard to train alone... but u could search a mentor.
    con very usefull cuz it buffs ur def and cruz need alot of def str also of course XD
    just add con then u done with maxed str so base str 100 and u have 210 attk speed!
    Eq now
    idk that eq is in this serv... but i would choose eq with good pr and def and stat as armor like hermes framestone 30pr(i think) and alot of def (90) i think xD and the stat is the same as aoeng if u dont have enough money for hermes framestone just buy aoeng(armor of engima) it just have 75 def and 28 pr but also very good...
    TIP:always keep a Pr neck lvl 60 handy or this server have higher lvl of pr neck have it. but also use lvl 60 movement speed neck a wyrm shield or blessed shield is also good to have handy and some con eq that adds huge amout of con and def. that was armor now swords
    Drakan str try to farm a day on lizzard commander and maybe u get a drakan with +7 str
    BoE very good sword 65 uns
    Darkness Emi try to get the str version
    DoE (i preffer this for ds cruses XD) but if u dont have enough for boe or emi buy doe of course o.o u can also be strong with it
    Gloves And Shoes so all understand XD
    i preffer Engima or full bd set (note) if u have full bd set make sure ur rich and can gem if with alot of gems and get the rightfull chest ^^ but bd set sux for crus
    Engima shoes and gloves have good hit rate and adds +4 str and +3 agi u could also try to farm some lvl 65-60-70 gloves and shoes... if u strong that adds +5 str +5 agi +5 con or more
    mmmm... (shoes)First forge wind and azreal dance to shoes to make ur agi and attk speed higher second (swords)forge rages and azreal glare eye of bd
    (armor)col/SoBD(soul of bd) and the azreal gem that adds +8 con dont rem the name
    (gloves) +8 acc gem lust gem and gos
    (Shield) the same as armor XD
    this guild can have some mistakes on skills cuz i could do mistakes if u use up the skill on lvl 69 then u need lvl 79-80 to max the skill i am not sure on that

    TIP on stat on stat then u have over 210 attk speed reset it ^^ and add on con if u have maxed str but if u want to have big amout of dogde so have above the agi but u could also get a agi mod
    Later i make this guide better i just maked this to kill my time then i downloaded the client/patch
    But now zerker build preffered for ds cruses fc cruses NO HIGH LVL CRUSES XD
    i add zerk build later

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