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    Post  Tysia on Thu Apr 30, 2009 3:49 pm

    Forging/fusion Guide


    Ok ima attempt to make a neat and understandable Forging and Apparel
    fusion guide for all you ppl that dont have a clue about forging/fusion
    and for all you ppl that dont understand how the forging system works
    in this game , im making this guide slowy so bear with me and check
    back often to see if ive added anything usefull

    First things first,

    To forge an item you will need an item ( preferably socketed already,
    if not the items needed to make a socket can be baught via the item
    mall " equipment Stabilizer and Catalyst )

    So you have your item that you wanna forge, and it already has a socket
    lets say its a lvl 50 Spike of Sistine ( lvl 50 crus sword from eva
    crus chest, seeing as its from a chest you will have to buy the
    socketing items to make a socket on it ) and you wanna forge it with
    fiery gems to give your sword that little extra kick,

    Take your sword, a lvl 1 Fiery Gem and a lvl 1 Refining Gem and go to the BlackSmith in Shaitain " Smithy " located at 902,3495

    Once your there speak to him and select Forge
    Guide Forging/fusion 63589189an9

    After that you need to place you items into the correct boxes
    Guide Forging/fusion 42880585bx7

    Once you have placed all your items in the correct places click the
    Forge Button, a box should pop up asking you if you want to confirm the
    price and forge, click yes.Your item should now be +1

    So thats the very basic steps of forging, lemme explain how to further forge your eq.

    You cant just straight forge a lvl 2 gem into a clean item.. you need
    to build the lvl of the gems up.This is what combining is for,

    ok so assuming you forged your sword with a fiery gem using the steps above your sword should now be +1 with a lvl 1 fiery gem,

    so now you will be wanting to forge your sword more to make it stronger so now you will be making it +2 then +3 n so on

    to make it +2 ( providing your still forging the fiery gem ) you will need 2x lvl 1 fiery gems and 2x lvl 1 refining gems and now you will need to combine them to make the gems lvl 2 or else you cant make +2 ,

    To combine gems you need to go to the Grocer " Amos " in shaitan 842 , 3585
    Speak to him and trade him and purchase a Gem Composition scroll

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    Now that you have the scroll you can combine the gems, so speak to amos again and click Combine

    Guide Forging/fusion 35820076ew4

    Ok first of all you need to place you Gem Composition Scroll into Box1
    Then you need to place once of your lvl 1 fiery gems into Box 2 and the other lvl 1 fiery gem into Box 3
    Once the 3 ingredients are in place click combine and voilla you should
    end up with a lvl 2 fiery gem ( now repeat for the refining gem using
    the same method )
    Note that combining gems costs 50k for each combine and can add up if your mass forging

    So now you have a lvl 2 fiery n a lvl 2 refining gem, go forge them
    into your sword using the simple steps at the top, now your sword
    should be +2 with a lvl 2 fiery inside

    Getting the hang of it yet ? lets not stop there ^^

    Now you will be wanting to make it +3 fiery, for this you will need 4 x lvl 1
    fiery gems and refining gems so now to make a lvl 3 gem you will need
    to combine the gems so you have 2x lvl 2 fiery gems and refining gems
    after that you need to combine then lvl 2 gems together to make a lvl 3
    gem (using the same combining method as above ) get how this is working

    now you have the lvl 3 fiery n refining gem you will go forge again to
    make your sword +3 with lvl 3 fiery gem and once you have finished that
    your sword will have a +12 damage bonus, nice huh ^^

    Heres the amout of gems needed for a certain lvl gem

    Lvl 1 gem = 1 gem
    lvl 2 gem = 2 gems ( 2 x lvl 1 gems combined to make it lvl 2 )
    lvl 3 gem = 4 gems ( 4 x lvl 1 gems combined to make it lvl 3 )
    lvl 4 gem = 8 gems ( 8 x lvl 1 gems combined to make it lvl 4 )
    lvl 5 gem = 16 gems ( 16 x lvl 1 gems combined to make it lvl 5 )
    lvl 6 gem = 32 gems ( 32 x lvl 1 gems combined to make it lvl 6 )
    lvl 7 gem = 64 gems ( 62 x lv 1 gems combined to make it lvl 7 )
    lvl 8 gem = 128 gems ( 128 x lvl 1 gems combined to make it lvl 8 )
    lvl 9 gem = 256 gems ( 256 x lvl 1 gems combined to make it lvl 9 )

    lvl 9 is the max lvl of any attribute gem ( max lvl of refining gem is
    unlimited i think but seeing in 1.33 the lvl of refining gem needed for
    forging is the lvl of the attribute gem your forging not the forged lvl
    of the item, so lets say you have a sword with 2 sockets n you wanna
    forge gem of rage n eye of bd into it, say you forge it to +6 with lvl
    3 eye n lvl 3 rage you will only need a max of lvl 3 ref gem for each
    type of gem, where as before in 1.32 - would need a lvl 6 ref gem to
    make an item lvl 6 regardless of how many diff gems are forged into the
    item, does thaat make sense ? =\ )

    any way if you didnt notice the amout of gems needed for the next lvl gem is double the previous lvl,
    also there is a failure rate of foring and combining gems after lvl 3
    so if your planning to combine and forge a gem lvl 4 + be prepaid for
    a failure
    ( but when forging with 2 sockets and 2 diff gems you can make an item up to +6 with 100% success )

    so hm thats the basics of forging into 1 socket lemme explain a little about forging into a 2nd socket

    Currently the max # of sockets you can have on an item is 2, it used to
    be 3 in version 1.32 - but the chance of making a 3rd socket was around
    1% success rate if i remember and the success rate of making a 2nd
    socket was either 20% or 50% success rate not too sure lol, But seeing
    as top is version 1.33 we dont have to worry about that and making a
    first and second socket is 100% success rate

    ( ill add how to make sockets later )

    ok so youve made your 2nd socket on your wep ( still using our Spike of
    Sistine as the example item here ) and its currently +3 with lvl 3
    fiery inside ( +12 attack bonus all together ) and you wanna forge some
    lustrious gems inside to get that extra hitrate which is so helpfull
    for solo lvling :p

    Using the same steps as forging into just 1 socket we will forge the
    2nd socket with a lustrious gem, repeat all the forging and combining
    steps as above just as if your forging a clean item and once youve
    accomplished this your sword should now be +4 with lvl 3 fiery and lvl
    1 lustrious gem inside with a +12 attack bonus and a +5 hitrate bonus

    * Note that because your forging into 2 sockets you will not fail foring it after lvl 3 untill you trying forge your item past +6, thats when the fail rate kicks in *

    Also the lvl of the refining gem needed for forging MUST be the same lvl as the attribute gem your forging

    Also the reason why most ppl forge there items, well weapons really is for the glowing effect

    Heres a list of the colours that each gem glows when forged into a weapon

    Spirit gem/Gem of Soul/God Of Ascaron = Gold/Yellow glow
    Furious gem = Red glow
    Fiery gem = Red glow
    Lustrious gem = Red glow
    Shadow gem = Blue glow
    Gem of Rage = Gold/Yellow glow ( just like spirit gem )
    Eye of Black Dragon = Red/Pink Glow

    I think thats all the gems that you can forge into weapons, if not someone lemme know n ill add onto it

    Also when forging armour, your armour will not glow its only weapons that glow.

    The cool thing about mass forging is that after a certain lvl of
    forging the weapon has a bigger aura/glow/effect, you get these effects
    from forging a weapon to lvl 5 and an even better effect when you forge
    a weapon to +9

    This Guide is Copy thx to Tomeh13

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