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    Guide to new in Serv Empty Guide to new in Serv

    Post  Tysia on Thu Apr 30, 2009 5:04 am

    Where and what i can find:

    Class Npc :

    Argent 2230,2784

    1. Class cost 25k
    2. Class cost 50k

    Tsunade Npc:
    Argent 2342,2784

    Item peg 1:

    Fusion Scroll
    Strengthening Scroll
    Fusion Catalyst
    Equipment Stabilzer
    Equipment Catalyst
    Demonic Pet Fruit
    Wings Voucher
    Apparel Voucher
    Refining Catalyst
    Composition Catalyst
    Strengthening Crystal

    Item peg 2:

    Str Reset
    Agi Reset
    Con Reset
    Acc Reset
    Spr Reset
    Voodoo Doll
    Amplifier of Strive
    Amplifier of Lucky
    Hi-Amplifier of Strive
    Hi-Amplifier of Lucky

    Item peg 3:

    28 Slot Inventory
    32 Slot Inventory
    36 Slot Inventory
    40 Slot Inventory
    44 Slot Inventory
    48 Slot Inventory
    Gold Axe
    Gold Pickaxe
    Megical Clover
    Icy Crystal
    Rechargeable Battery
    Super Rechargeable Battery
    Intense Magic
    Crystalline Blessing Lantern

    Sai Npc
    Argent 2216,2783
    Can Exchange Reputation all 15k

    Peter's Call
    Kiss Of Nic
    Ray's Fury
    Daniel's Regret
    Consecration Of Priestess
    Soul Generator
    Uniquw Gem Vouncher
    Goddess's Favor

    Pet Shop Hokage
    Argent 2234,2723
    Auto Ration
    Str Fruit
    Agi Fruit
    Con Fruit
    Spr Fruit
    Acc Fruit
    G8 Str Fruit
    G8 Agi Fruit
    G8 Con Fruit
    G8 Spr Fruit
    G8 Acc Fruit
    Fairy Box
    Egg Of Mordo
    Fruit Of Growth
    Standart Protection
    Standart Meditation
    Standart Recovery
    Standart Magic
    Standart Berserk

    Sasuke Npc
    Argent 2235,2722
    You can sell here 30 NSS for 2m $

    Bingo Npc
    Argent 2231,2716
    Can trade

    Christmas Gem Voucher
    Unique Gem Voucher
    Redeem lv 1 Refining Gem Voucher
    Redeem lv 2 Refining Gem Voucher
    Refining Gem Vouvher
    Combine Wishing Stone
    THe Exchange of Moon Cake

    Ticket Npc
    Argent 2134,2721
    Abadon Mine 1
    Abadon Mine 2
    Silver Mine 2
    Silver Mine 3
    Lone Tower 1
    Lone Tower 2
    Lone Tower 3
    Lone Tower 4
    Lone Tower 5
    Lone Tower 6
    Thundoria Castle
    Thundoria Harbor
    Isle of Ruin
    Argent Bar
    Abandon Mine
    Andest Forest

    Coral Npc
    Argent 2132,2759

    Wind Coral lv1
    Wind Coral lv2
    Wind Coral lv3
    Wind Coral lv4
    Wind Coral lv5
    Thunder Coral lv1
    Thunder Coral lv2
    Thunder Coral lv3
    Thunder Coral lv4
    Thunder Coral lv5
    Fog Coral lv1
    Fog Coral lv2
    Fog Coral lv3
    Fog Coral lv4
    Fog Coral lv5
    Strike Coral lv1
    Strike Coral lv2
    Strike Coral lv3
    Strike Coral lv4
    Strike Coral lv5

    Gaara Npc
    Icicle 1324,523
    Can Exchange Reputation all 15k for new Gem

    Yellow jade
    Red Jade
    Green Jade
    Chaitan's Aura
    Lock's Hit
    Bing's Dodging
    Fang's Defense
    Shark's Strngthening

    Kakashi Npc
    Icicle 1318,544
    Weapon Apparel

    Glacier Armageddon
    Icicle 1289,478

    Chaos Argent
    Icicle 1372,530

    Black Market
    Icicle 1372,585

    If you need know who droop item you can use this side

    How to make $
    Drop Nss and sell in npc | 30 = 2m
    Chop Wood and sell in npc | 1 wood = 4k (fast to make $)
    Sell Item geek

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    Guide to new in Serv Empty Re: Guide to new in Serv

    Post  Admin on Thu Apr 30, 2009 7:15 am

    nice people need that !

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